A Veteran-Owned Business

Cultivating the next generation of emergency response leaders through mission-oriented training, program design, and leadership development.

Our programs and recommendations are designed for easy implementation and execution. We offer seminars and classes for individuals as well as large groups.

Evaluations and design apply to employee onboarding, training programs, or specialty areas such as instructor or officer development.

In addition to designing training programs, our consultants serve as implementation advisors or can fully administrate the programs into your organization. We customize our offerings to meet your needs.

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Designed for client delivery and execution

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Emergency Services Training Consultants is enthusiastically cultivating the next generation of emergency response leaders. We emphasize mission-oriented training program design and leadership development and incorporate numerous evidence-based instructional methods in our delivery.


ESTC stands ready to help you boost the quality and professionalism of the service you provide. We take your concerns and customize the right approach to accomplish your goals for your organization.


Contact us today for more information. We look forward to working with you.

How can we serve you?

No, ESTC has the knowledge base, education, flexibility, and innovation to serve stand-alone EMS agencies, fire departments, or combination organizations. We’ve worked with a wide variety of businesses, including a Christian-based camp, universities. and paramedic training programs and fire academies.

Yes, ESTC utilizes mission-oriented planning and personnel development to enhance your existing training department by creating content, strategic planning, and providing instructional-leadership development. Whether you’d like to add to a content library, improve effectiveness of your instructional staff’s delivery, or are starting from scratch, ETSC stands ready to help you get reach your goals.

Yes, ETSC can evaluate your current program, curricula, or courses on effectiveness and efficiency. We start by identifying your organization’s mission and the goals of your program, curriculum, or course. We then set performance benchmarks for comparing collected data. This data helps determine opportunities for improvement.

ETSC emphasizes adaptation and innovation to accomplish our mission in the training programs we develop; serving you is no different. We have the means for virtual delivery and conferencing to best discuss your needs and the direction of services as well as program delivery and training advising. Geography is not a limiting factor.

While there are a few pre-packaged classes available, most clients opt for customized services. Each client receives individualized attention, services, and products tailored to their unique organizational needs.

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